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BT) Hi guys. First, speak to our followers about the birth of the band
IS) Hi there! Daniel, vocalist and guitarist of Isole speaking. The band was actually started already back in 1991, but under a different name. Back then the band was named “Forlorn”, with which we released 3 demos and a handful of not so widely spread promotional recordings before putting the band more or less on ice between 1996 and 2001. It was me and Crister that started the band simply because we loved the music we got from Candlemass and Bathory and wanted to play this epic style of metal ourselves. We were still learning how to play our instruments, so you can imagine that the first demos didn’t sound all that great. I think maybe on our third demo (“Waves of Sorrow” 1994) we finally produced something decent sounding. Anyway, after we picked up things again in 2001 and had recorded a few promos we decided to go for a name change, partly to get a proper restart, but mainly because at the time there were at least 3 other “Forlorn” that we knew about. I think we changed the name in 2004, if I remember it correctly. And Isole was born.

BT) Which is the meaning of your band name?
IS) It’s an adaptation of the French word Isolée, meaning something like isolated, alone, remote. Oh... and we’ve learned afterwards what it means in Italian as well.

BT) You choose to play a metal genre who was bound to the '80s. Can you tell something more about this choice?
IS) Part of it is of course that we grew up in the 80’s listening to the music available at the time. Also, as I mentioned earlier, we were influenced by Candlemass and Bathory in the beginning. We just play what we enjoy listening to ourselves.

BT) How do you see the Doom scene, who has lived a sort of "new era" in the last years?
IS) It’s of course a great thing for us if doom metal gets more attention. If the genre as a whole gets bigger it also means we get more potential fans, listeners and buyers. It is still probably the smallest metal sub-genre, though.

BT) How is your relationship with the other bands of your genre?
IS) Whenever we meet at gigs or festivals we’re having a great time for the most. Hanging out in the backstage area, talking nonsense and downing a few beers. Other than that we don’t really have any regular contact with other bands. Everyday life takes too much time nowadays. It was a totally different matter during the 90’s, though, with tape-trading and everything else going on in the underground scene.

BT) On your Myspace, you listed many bands as influence for your music. Among these, you mentioned even Bathory: how did you live the death of Quorthon, who was the master-mind of the band in 2004?
IS) It was of course a sad day. I was visiting Sweden Rock Festival when I heard the news and my heart really dropped. Together with friends also visiting the festival we threw a party in honour of Quorthon. A musical genious that simply died too young.

BT) What do you see if you think about Metal scene in the future, with many "hybrid" genres rising?
IS) If it helps getting more people into metal I don’t mind much. Everyone should be allowed to play and listen to whatever they like. That said... I personally don’t care much about nu-metal, pop-metal or whatever they call it.

BT) In the last years, internet got a stronger influence about the music business. What do you think about this? Is it a good, or a bad thing?
IS) Both good and bad. The world wide web is an excellent tool for promoting and spreading your name. Without it I would have missed out on a lot of great less  well-known bands. On the other side it is much harder financially with all the file-sharing and piracy going on. It makes things more difficult for record labels and in the extension harder for new bands to land a record deal.

BT) Which are your next projects for the band?
IS) We have a few gigs booked and are working on getting a tour together, as well as rehearsing and writing new songs. The same as always, I guess.

BT) In the end, do you have some special message to tell to our followers?
IS) In these Olympic times I can only say: Keep the metal flame burning!

Daniel - ISOLE

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