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Perpetual Fate is an alternative melodic metal project based in Padua and born in 2015. In 2016, after several months of rehearsals the group started playing their first gigs and expanding their setlist with new songs. The former members Gianluca Evangelista, Diego Ponchio and Zaccaria Saidi decided to change the lineup adding a new vocalist and a new drummer: Maria Grazia Zancopè and Marco Andreetto. Since then the band became more solid and started developing new songs; in September they recorded their first single “Rainfall”.2017 saw the band starting their first live experiences as an opening act for well-known italian metal bands like Eternal Idol, Overtures and Secret Sphere, bringing their music outside the usual places and meeting new people. During summer the group won the “Find Festival” 3rd edition and in September released their first EP named “Secret”, which included 4 new songs and the latest single “Rainfall” as bonus track. By the end of the year the band parted ways with guitar player Zaccaria Saidi, who was later replaced by Massimiliano Pistore, member of Overtures. In 2018 the group decided to record their first LP titled “Cordis”. This release will have a younger and american-inspired sound with a lively mix of melodies, riffs and solos under modern drumming patterns and a wide synthesized-electronic touch.

HS Canadian death metallers launch From the Murky Depths lyric video at Pure Grain Audio new album We're Gonna Need Some Bigger Riffs out soon

VHS return with their third album, "We're Gonna Need Some Bigger Riffs". With tongue still firmly planted in cheek, this Canadian trio is exploring the murky depths with their latest release. Sea monsters, killer whales, and bloodthirsty creatures make up the majority of the lyrical content, while the usual killer in a mask makes a brief appearance, which should be expected of any sequel!

The album shows the band staying true to their diverse and catchy style, taking elements from death metal, punk and even hair metal throughout the album's 14 tracks. 
Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder lends his snarl to the midtempo "Rooting For the Villain", while Matt Harvey of Exhumed adds an extra layer of sickness to the rocking nod to Humanoids from the Deep, "Death and Carnage Coming in Waves". Matt also supplies the albums opening orchestral intro as well.

"We're Gonna Need Some Bigger Riffs" will be released on 26th July 2019 via Rotten Roll Rex (CD) and HPGD Productions (digital). Pre-orders available HERE and HERE.

Watch the "Rooting For the Villain" video at Indy Metal Vault RIGHT HERE!

"We're Gonna Need Some Bigger Riffs" tracklist:

1. Full Scream Ahead (Intro)
2. Zombie Vs. Shark
3. Let's Get Gruesome
4. Voracious and Violent
5. Rooting for the Villain (Ft. Trevor Strnad)
6. An Old Lady and Her Crocodile
7. Oozing, Bubbling Black Mass
8. Death and Carnage Coming in Waves (Ft. Matt Harvey) 
9. Savage Streets
10. Face Full of Worms
11. Bringer of Death
12. From the Murky Depths
13. Cruise Ship Carnage
14. Marine Monstrosity

VHS bio:
The 80's....The time of neon, excess, and bad music. But the blood ran thick and eyeballs were exposed to some of the most ridiculous and nasty images ever committed to film. VHS is a tribute to the first time you saw Jason hit an unsuspecting girl into a tree, the first time Freddy cracked a one liner, or the first time you saw a gut munched in graphic detail. This is a tribute to 80's horror, clamshells and all!

If you took old school death metal, punk simplicity, and a dose of 80's hair metal and thrash, threw it in a blender the resulting black goo would be the sound of VHS. It'll stick to your teeth and probably rot your insides but if you are an old school metal fan you'll love every second of it.

Lyrically VHS is like browsing a video store in the late 80's. Inspiration is drawn from the classics but also some lesser known gems as well. Succinct and bloody, the lyrics are like a well done gore scene but not without a sense of humor. This is a tribute to horror but not without poking a little fun at it.

Fast, catchy and bloody, that is VHS at its core. They are coming for you and they will not stop until the screaming stops. You have been warned!


Mike: Guitar/Vocals
Curtis: Bass
Andy: Drums

Twitter: @vhs_horror 
Instagram: vhs_horror


Hi-Fi Horror EP
Screaming Mad Gore (Splatter Zombie Records)
The New Batch (Rotten Roll Rex)
We're Gonna Need Some Bigger Riffs (Rotten Roll Rex) 
A Very Merry VHS Xmas EP (Fuzzy Monkey Records)
Lord Rot/VHS split (Dirty Needle Records)
VHS/Ruin split (Von Frost Records)
VHS/Organ Trail/Goremonger "Tales of Horrific Mayhem" (CDN Records)
VHS/Oxygen Destroyer split (Headsplit Records)
VHS/Abhorrent Funeral "Horrific Homages" (Everydayhate Records) 

VEIL OF CONSPIRACY new videoclip for Seshen

VEIL OF CONSPIRACY presents the videoclip for their brand new single Seshen
Formed in 2016, Veil of Conspiracy has gone through different musical phases to reach a more mature and defined sound in 2017, composing songs increasingly influenced by an obscure but at the same time elegant and refined mood. Inspired by big names like Katatonia, Opeth, Nevermore and Soen, Veil of Conspiracy is a unique musical reality in the Italian metal scene, merging the Nordic power of the guitars with the attention to the melody and a progressive elegance, without neglecting the importance of the lyrics


krvvla launch pre-order for their new maxi single

Belarusian instrumental black metal trio krvvla is about to release their new (maxi) single on July 5, 2019. Pre-order launched - Keeping true to the tradition of one-letter album titles, the band named their upcoming track "T". This is krvvla’s 5th release since their formation in 2015. The track features a mixture of black and death metal that sounds more like a dialogue between the two subgenres rather than their fusion.

krvvla is a three-piece instrumental black metal band based in Minsk, Belarus. Formed in 2015, the band has already released 4 EPs and shared the stage with such bands as Hexis, Wiegedood, Celeste, and Furia. Even though they've been playing together for only 4 years, each of the band members has at least a decade of experience in playing in various local bands (Crown For the Rat King, Coat, Barrow, Sen Deni, Scenario, Challenger Deep).

ANIMAE SILENTES Sharing Stage With LACUNA COIL At Tzunami Rock Festival!

Dark/Gothic Metallers ANIMAE SILENTES are announced to play at Tzunami Rock Festival on July 7th, just before the Italian gothic metal icons LACUNA COIL! Free entry. Get more information here:

Comments the band:
"We are proud to announce our participation at Tzunami Rock Festival, opening for the great Lacuna Coil, on July 7th, see you there!"

As recently issued, ANIMAE SILENTES are currently recording a new album! More information TBA.

Earlier this year, ANIMAE SILENTES released a new single & lyric video for the song “Bring Me Back Tomorrow”, feat. TO/DIE/FOR guitarist Juppe Sutela! The song was produced, recorded and mixed by Animae Silentes. Mastered by Mika Jussilla (Finnvox studios)

July 7th - Tzunami Rock Festival w/ LACUNA COIL
July 21st – MetalDays 2019

Check out new ANIMAE SILENTES merch, here.

Italian Dark/Gothic metal act ANIMAE SILENTES was formed in June 2015. In February 2017 the band released the debut album “Suffocated” as independent and immediately began promoting the album with a series of live shows, mainly in Northern Italy. Among the live experiences, the band shared the stage with names like Lacrimas Profundere at “Venice Vampire Fest” and also Votum and Swallow The Sun at “Metal Gates Festival” in Romania in November 2017. In the summer 2017 Animae Silentes sign a record contract with the label Sliptrick Records for the reprint and promotion of Suffocated and made it’s first foreign experience with a mini tour in Latvia.

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