SON OF A SHOTGUN Release Sound Check Video For New Album!


SON OF A SHOTGUN Release Sound Check Video For New Album!

Norwegian SON OF A SHOTGUN (aka SOAS), led by Ivan “Meathook” Gujic (guitarist of BLOOD RED THRONE), have released a sound check video for SOAS' new album.  Watch it here:

The video was filmed at The Gun Store in Las Vegas, where BLOOD RED THRONE headlined Las Vegas Death Fest.

SON OF A SHOTGUN mastermind, Ivan Meathook Gujic comments:
"Here is a quick update from the SOAS camp. This it some crazy shit from from Las Vegas. BLOOD RED THRONE did a headliner show at Las Vegas Death Fest, and I wanted to do a souns check for the new SOAS album at The Gun Store."

Just recently SOAS announced new band members. Watch “Scraping Away” – practise video with a full lineup 2019, here:

Also watch “Shots in Sarajevo” [Friendly Version]: The original uncensored version was removed by Youtube right after it was posted online.

In July 2018, SON OF A SHOTGUN joined CANNIBAL CORPSE in Tallinn (July 20th) and Riga (July 21st), watch the recap video from the shows. The video was filmed and edited by Ivan “Meathook” Gujic. Furthermore a new SOAS song is playing on the video:

SON OF A SHOTGUN started as a one man band from Norway, Kristiansand. Ivan “Meathook” Gujic - guitarist from BLOOD RED THRONE - who started the project in 2014. He wrote all the songs, played all the instruments, sang and recorded the music. SOAS’ debut album “Mexican Standoff” came out in 2017 on his underground label Featuring artists such as: Jan Axel “Hellhammer” Blomberg (Mayhem), Maurice Adams (Motor Finger), Damage Karlsen (Chrome Division), Olivier Pinard (Cryptopsy). He has kept the album away from reviews and music experts. Always going the different way, what the average bands would do. The album was released online through “Indigoboom” in 2018. Spotify, bandcamp, soundcloud. The style of SOAS can be explained as Southern Death/Grind. Meathook is always trying to do something different and original. Not only with the music, but also with the show concepts and the wholeness within the project. In May 2019, Ivan announced new full SOAS line-up.

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ALESSANDRO SPARACIA is an Italian multi-instrumentalist and composer. He began studying the piano very young and then devoted himself to self-taught study of guitar, bass and finally to drums. Strengthened by a great passion and creativity, he founded several groups in order to compose and play music until he managed to perform during the final selections of "Un disco per l'estate” on the stage of RAI (the most important italian TV channel). In 2006 he recorded his first solo work "Finally Free" and in 2014 the second, "Memories". “Endless” is the third solo album: written and recorded completely by himself, represents the most complete and mature work of the artist. The album was mastered by Alessandro Del Vecchio.

Album: "Endless"
Online Release: 28/06/2019
Label: Volcano Records
Genre: Metal




ALPHA OMEGA Management is thrilled to announce that the experimental death metal combo SURVIVAL IS SUICIDE - who just concluded their successful tour with Marduk -  will join MINISTRY and DYING FETUS, as main support, on June 15th and 16th, both shows already sold out! See the details below:

July 15 - Klubs Melna Piektdiena - Riga, Latvia
July 16 - Helitehas - Tallinn, Estonia

There is nothing usual about SURVIVAL IS SUICIDE’s experimental extreme metal. Seven years after their first album, “…Just Like Spiders Eat Flies” (2011), the Catalan duo breaks the mold again thanks to their own brand of spatial and twisted death metal, a very personal 90’s like proposal which can be described as a mix of MORBID ANGEL and PESTILENCE with the avant-garde symphonic black by ARCTURUS or LIMBONIC ART. On paper it might look weird, but in the hands of Epojè (drums) and Zaratozom (bass, bass synth, voices), it all flows wonderfully thanks to progressive smashers such as ‘Beauty Of A Stoned Machine’ or ‘Complication’. If, when listening to ‘Chrysalis’, you feel like you’re immersed in Blade Runner’s cyberpunk universe, do not freak out, VANGELIS and movie soundtracks are also amongst their sources of inspiration. And all of that of course without a single guitar to be heard! After playing in the main cities of Spain, as well as participating in festivals such as the Bilbao Deathfest and the Kanya Fest, the band is ready to make the leap to Europe and beyond.

SURVIVAL IS SUICIDE’s second album “Retrovolution” (released April the 6th, 2018) gained lots of excellent reviews in Spanish and International media. Their particular brand of experimental death metal really strikes a chord with any metalhead seeking new experiences. The drummer Epojè, one of the two brothers who form this duo, avails of an impressive technique and a great reputation in his country. Being a student of his friend Pete Sandoval, of Morbid Angel and Terrorizer, is definitely one of the reasons behind his abilities at the drums.

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F.WAY: Debut Full-Length Album 'Anything but new'


F.WAY: Debut Full-Length Album “Anything but new” Out Now, New Video "Fighter" Unleashed!

Swiss Rockers F.WAY released their debut full-length album “Anything But New” yesterday, on June 21st! To celebrate the debut, the band has recently unleashed the first single and official video "Fighter",  watch it here:

Order “Anything but new” here:

F.WAY titled their debut album “Anything but new” with self-irony. The title plays with the fact of the long preparation phase up to the release of the album and with the fact that F.WAY do not really invent something new with their Pop Rock music, but play a well-known music genre. But what has unfortunately been forgotten nowadays, F.WAY have paid special attention. With the songs the whole picture of the album was always kept in mind and so also the true origin of a music album was taken into account. The album “Anything but new” contains eleven tracks, all written by the band members Fabiano Wildi and Andrea Rusconi. It is therefore obvious that the songs tell a very personal story of their lives and this is certainly one of the reasons why the album “Anything but new” is an emotionally charged and powerful work. The album was arranged by Marco Guarnerio and Jonas Macullo and recorded in the JDM studios of Jonas Macullo. Jonas Macullo and Andrea Cosentino are responsible for the mix and the album was mastered by Unorthodox Sounds (Andrea Cosentino).

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STR8 releases new single


Alternative metal band STR8 has released the lyric video for their new single The Sun
Check out:

The Sun is available now:

Str8 was born at the end of the 90s by members of well-known metal bands of the Pisa underground circuit, with the common idea of creating their own sound that recalls the powerful sonorities of the Metal environment but still remains easy to assimilate. The original line-up, consisting of two guitars, bass, drums and vocals, gives birth to two demos, where the band manages to experiment with various sounds. The first is "STR8", released in 2000, followed in 2003 by "Memories".It was in 2003, after a series of line-up changes, that the training settled with Alessandro Briganti on vocals, Filippo Bendinelli and Raffaello Terreni on guitars, Emiliano D'Alessio on bass and Luca Lembo on drums. With this training the band starts writing new and original songs, which will then be published in the debut album "Soul Inside?". The album will be released by Frank Andiver's Rising Works, which will be in charge of production at the Zenith Studio in Lucca. "Soul Inside?" Allows the band to find a series of dates, the most important of which is the date at the Metarock Festival in Pisa, in 2007, opening Aiden, 30 Seconds To Mars and Afterhours. With the spirit of continuing to experiment with new environments and new sounds, the band continues to draft new songs, and the "One Last Time" promo comes out in 2008, which, after another two years of drafting and rearrangement, follows in 2010 the registration of a new Full Length, "No More Flames". As in the previous album, the recordings are entrusted to the producer Frank Andiver in his Zenith Studio, the mastering will be performed at the Sterling Sound in New York. In the years that followed, the band continued its live activity, playing again at the Metarock Festival in 2012 as opener for Negrita. In 2013 the drummer Luca Lembo decides to leave the band and will be replaced by Fabio Machiavelli. In 2015 the singer Alessandro Briganti decides to continue his artistic career outside the band, and after numerous auditions, at the end of 2016 the choice of the band falls on Giacomo Rossi, former singer of Justine Dusk, band active until a few years ago, with whom he composed two albums, sharing the stage with bands ike Dredg and Linea77. With the new line-up the band begins the drafting of two new singles, the mix and mastering have been entrusted to Matt Hyde, producer and sound engineer of bands like Slipknot, Trivium, Bullet for My Valentine and many others.

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