Kai Reznik "Dead Space Between Stars"

Not much information is provided about Kai Reznik, except that he is a musician from France and has two releases to his name. he is the founding concept to a solo career recording soundtracks for short films. The nine track Album Awkward Motions is his second outing, released in 2017. It’s worth checking out if you’re into ambient and industrial music recorded with multiple keyboard tracks and featuring vocals. There is a lot to indicate the new wave influence he maintained from the outset of his recording career, and there are frequent examples of colder and darker auras.

Awkward Motions plays like an outlandish dream, not exactly a nightmare but certainly an ethereal wandering that leaves you perturbed upon awakening. As indicated below, some songs have guest vocals from Heliogabale vocalist Sasha Andrès who I am also just hearing about. Andrès makes her appearance on ‘L.A.S.T.’, probably my personal favorite for its gothic overtones and additional keyboard sounds adjoining themes of techno and electronica. M.A.D. appearance is on the second track ‘Beautiful Agony’ and on ‘You Killed Me First’ (seven track) placing emphasis on the techno and electronica sounds as well as vocal and keyboard effects like a bedlamite Escape From New York. At first you won’t think the acoustics differ much from one another, but a second and third listen will reveal a few things you hadn’t noticed previously. To be discovered as soon as possible!

REATZIONE - "Sopravvissuti" (2019)


REATZIONE's project born in 2012 like a groove metal project, writing lyrics in Italian and Sardinian language; in January 2018 after some lineup changes, the band finishes the recording of its first album, which sees the light on May 31st 2019, entitled “Sopravvissuti”

"Sopravvissuti" tracklist:
1. Bad girls got the fire
2. Rollercoaster
3. Rules of the world
4. Bring you to the stars
5. Lords of Babylon
6. Mindfucked
7. Way to God
8. Mr.Grey
9. Love song
10. The night belongs to the wild
Running Time: 56'00''

REATZIONE line-up:
Antonio Poddighe (MEX) - Voices
Alessandro Ciuti (A-Lex) - Guitar
Salvatore Sechi (Bobore) - Bass
Mauro Carta - Drum


More information at:

Album: "Sopravvissuti"
Online Release: 31/05/2019
Label: Volcano Records/Dark Hammer Legion
Genre: Metal

Kaosis X Dino Cazares unveil new single "Zombie"


After clawing their way through the nuclear fallout created by dropping their first single “HITECH - LOW LIFE X DINO CAZARES”; KAOSIS have recalibrated their metalstep weaponry and unleashed their follow up single “ZOMBIE”. Check out the new track “ZOMBIE.”

KAOSIS are on a mission to take their music of resistance to a whole new level with their latest (and first!) studio album ‘HITECH-LOWLIFE’, releasing September 20 via Atypeek Music / Rail Records and Zombie Shark Records.

KAOSIS polarised global metal audiences with HITECH-LOWLIFE and will push metallers even further out of their comfort zone with their unrelenting second single. ZOMBIE is a mongrelised concoction of horrorcore, dubstep and industrial metal and for a second time KAOSIS have redefined the boundaries of the future of contemporary metal.

The accompanying music video for ZOMBIE is in stark contrast to the bands previous video for HITECH-LOWLIFE. Where HITECH-LOWLIFE was inspired by 80’s cyberpunk, ZOMBIE is influenced by 90’s pulp film culture, reminiscent of Natural Born Killers or Love and a 45.
Kaosis enigmatically emerged out of the New Zealand underground music scene in late 2017 and is a cocophonic, live experience that feverishly focus’s on providing a uniquely entertaining and hyper energetic show. Kaosis incorporates music, fire, lasers and characters from another world into an hour of breathtaking madness. Kaosis is not confined by genre. Sonically Kaosis fuse metal, punk, horrorcore, dubstep and d’n’b into a vortex of bass and distortion. Kaosis have completed their debut record which features multiple singles and accompanying music videos. The first single is co written by Dino Cazares of Fear Factory. Kaosis have headlined the Garden Stage at NZ’s premier music festival, Rhythm ‘n’ Vines, and are looking forward to spreading their live tentacles into new unchartered territories. Kaosis are signed to Atypeek Music. Kaosis destroy the Archetype. Kaosis are the Future.




Sounds Against Vultures "The Dice Are Loaded"

2010, the starting point of Sounds Against Vultures, a guitar / drums / bass trio for a powerful and minimalist noise rock, with 90’s influences, in line with Sleeppers, Unsane or Neurosis ... The music has been placed on a first EP « Write your pain » in 2014. Consequently, shows started and they open for bands such as Blacklisters, Hark or Distorted Pony... The energy of the band and the willingness to restore the authenticity of their approach as well as the strong commitment in the texts will be found even more pronounced in a second EP «The Dice Are Loaded» in spring of 2019.


ANIMAE SILENTES Start Recording New Album!

Dark/Gothic Metallers ANIMAE SILENTES have announced that they are currently recording a new album!

Stated the band:
"It’s time to tell you guys what we are up to! We finally started the recordings our new album! The new songs are almost ready and we can’t wait to share them with you. We are definitely taking a different direction with this release. The drums will be heavier and faster, we will include much more growl singing and of course the music will still be dark and atmospheric. Keep an eye on our pages, see you at the gigs! Cheers <3"

Just recently ANIMAE SILENTES released a new single & lyric video for the song “Bring Me Back Tomorrow”, feat. TO/DIE/FOR guitarist Juppe Sutela! The song was produced, recorded and mixed by Animae Silentes. Mastered by Mika Jussilla (Finnvox studios).

Italian Dark/Gothic metal act ANIMAE SILENTES was formed in June 2015. In February 2017 the band released the debut album “Suffocated” as independent and immediately began promoting the album with a series of live shows, mainly in Northern Italy. Among the live experiences, the band shared the stage with names like Lacrimas Profundere at “Venice Vampire Fest” and also Votum and Swallow The Sun at “Metal Gates Festival” in Romania in November 2017. In the summer 2017 Animae Silentes sign a record contract with the label Sliptrick Records for the reprint and promotion of Suffocated and made it’s first foreign experience with a mini tour in Latvia.


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