REATZIONE's project born in 2012 like a groove metal project, writing lyrics in Italian and Sardinian language; in January 2018 after some lineup changes, the band finishes the recording of its first album, which sees the light on May 31st 2019, entitled “Sopravvissuti”

"Sopravvissuti" tracklist:
1. Bad girls got the fire
2. Rollercoaster
3. Rules of the world
4. Bring you to the stars
5. Lords of Babylon
6. Mindfucked
7. Way to God
8. Mr.Grey
9. Love song
10. The night belongs to the wild
Running Time: 56'00''

REATZIONE line-up:
Antonio Poddighe (MEX) - Voices
Alessandro Ciuti (A-Lex) - Guitar
Salvatore Sechi (Bobore) - Bass
Mauro Carta - Drum

Inferru [OFFICIAL AUDIO]: https://youtu.be/FpIOvWKbb8w
Sopravvissuti [OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO]: https://youtu.be/qw8P39pfzPQ

More information at:
BAND:  https://www.facebook.com/Reatzione
LABEL: http://www.volcanopromotion.com

Album: "Sopravvissuti"
Online Release: 31/05/2019
Label: Volcano Records/Dark Hammer Legion
Genre: Metal

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