CREMISI are a symphonic/epic metal band from Bologna, Italy, born in September 2016. The members are: Davide Tomazzoni (vocals), Francesco Messina (bass guitar), Federico Palmucci (acoustic, electric guitars and orchestras programming), Rolando Ferro (drums). Cremisi decided to build the band DNA telling about Art and History, using powerful orchestrations, which make epic their music.

Album: "Dawn of a New Era"
Online Release: 14/06/2019
Label: Volcano Records
Genre: Symphonic Metal

"Dawn of a New Era" tracklist:
1. Dark Winds
2. The Black Death
3. Dawn of a New Era
4. Captain's Log
5. Confession
6. In the Name of the Lord
7. Waves of Sorrow
8. Battle of Lepanto
9. The Hanged Man
10. On the Moon
Running Time: 49'01''

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