The MAERORMID project was born in 2008 with the intent to create a minimal and experimental design, they did not have the limitation of a particular genre, but to expand those boundaries.The inspiration was inevitably influenced by the change and life and therefore with a different nature. That which is born is not easy to assimilate and interpret, but a mirror that reflects emotions and moods very personal and subjective, as evolving stream.

"Stasi" tracklist:
1. Aura
2. Universo sepolto
3. Martire
4. Il muro ad ovest
5. Stasi
6. Mater (Dolore)
7. Invocazione
8. Dissolvenza
Running Time: 56'00

Album: "Stasi"
Online Release: 21/06/2019
Label: Volcano Records
Genre: Doom/Black Metal

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