CARRY THE TORCH Are Touched By Their ‘Obsession’

Many of the tracks on Obsession, the new album from Carry The Torch, were originally written in 2009/2010. Over the next few years, Philip (guitars) honed these raw gems into more coherent and melodic structures which form the base of the albums sound.

Philip (vocals) brought in Dennis to contribute towards lyrics and melody and together they continued to rewrite and rearrange the songs. Some songs were kept in their original form (Bow Down, Awakening), others were torn apart, rebuilt, rearranged and so on. For example, the track New Hell contains just one original riff from the old version, the rest was written in 2016. Most of the songs were made in a similar way, however, they did spend more time of arrangements, melodies and hooks this time to create the very best they were able to make which in their own opinion they achieved.

All guitars were recorded in his home studio by Philip. He also programmed all the drums for this particular release (Björn joined after the record already recorded and the bass was done by the groups old friend, Håkan Johansson.

Lyrically, the theme of the album became ‘fire’. In some songs this can be represented in a few words and in others such as The Scorching and Flame Of A 1000 Suns, the whole thing is based on the concept of fire rising from the ashes and also with some apocalyptic feelings to it.

The vocals were recorded at a studio in Mörbylånga, Öland, close to where Dennis was born, which made him feel at home and had a great deal of impact on the way everything came out. Carry The Torch are very proud of their efforts on Obsession have never been this excited to unleash their new album to an unsuspecting world.

Keep the flame burning and enjoy!

Obsession | Released July 2nd, 2019 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Obsession | 02. Bow Down | 03. A New Hell | 04. Die Standing | 05. Awakening | 06. The Scorching | 07. Flame Of A 1000 Suns | 08. Black Dog | 09. All Or Nothing | 10. Blackened Screams

Artwork by Amanda Louli | Produced by Philip Nilsson | Mixed by Philip Nilsson | Mastered by Magnus “Mankan” Sedenberg | All music by Philip Nilsson | All lyrics by Dennis Johansson

Carry The Torch are:
Dennis Johansson – Vocals | Philip Nilsson – Guitar | Victor Wahlstedt – Guitar | Björn Lindgren – Drums

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick

promo: Relinquished 'Addictivities (part I.)' @ Extreme metal


Artist: Relinquished
Album: Addictivities (part I.)
Genre: Extreme metal
Country: Austria
Release date: March 22nd, 2019
Label: NRT records

Since 15 years the Tyrolean Extreme Metallers of "Relinquished" have been performing on stage, returning to their anniversary in march 2019 with their new and third album "Addictivities (Part I)". They release an album, that presents the band from their roughest an d darkest side with a fusion of death/black metal and progressive metal. Thematically, the first part of the three - part concept album deals with the drug - addicted protagonist Daniel and also tells the prequel - story of Relinquished's debut album "Susanna Li es In Ashes" from the year 2011. Five years passed since the release of Relinquished's second regular studio album "Onward Anguishes". A long time, bu t the musicians Sebastian Bramboe ck (Voc.), Simon Dettendorfer (Guit.), Anton Keuschnick (Guit.) and Domi nik Steffan (Bass) used the lack to perfect the new song material and thus present a result, that makes the band rougher, harder and more uncompromising than ever. For example, the Tyrolean guys in "Addictivities (Part 1)" incorporate influences from the B lack Metal genre into their sound, which is already evident in the first moments of the opener "Expectations". With epic songs like the opener "Expectations", which tells the story of an almost dead relationship and unfulfillable expectations to the partner, or the brutal "Syringe" with its interplay of hard and fast passages, the daily process of the addicted person on the way to healing as well as the deep black metallic "Zero", which represents the absolute low point of the protagonist. Relinquishe d once again tells a self - contained story that runs through the album. Fou nded in 2004 by Sebastian Bramboe ck and Anton Keuschnick, Relinquished have always been known for their concept albums, in which the individual songs are put together into a single narrative thread. After the 2008 EP "Rehearshal Doom", which opened some doors for the band, Relinquished signed a record deal with Noisehead Records and released their debut album "Susanna Lies in Ashes" on this label in 2010. From this moment on, the Aus trian musicians caused a sensation in the metal scene. Not only the media, but also metal fans and concert organizers became aware of the band.

This was followed by various concerts throughout Austria, where Relinquished could also prove their qualities as a live act. For example, the band played concerts with Asphagor, Prometheus, or Pershing Mankind. After several gigs Relinquished presented the first music video for the song "Padded Cell". In 2013, Bramboe ck, Dettendorfer, Keuschnick and Steffan together with their then drummer Florian Vonach, released their second longplayer "Onward Anguishes", from which the music video "Authority" was decoupled. As their sound evolves, Relinquished become more progressive here and show their experimental side. They expand their Death Metal sound with the harmonic clear vocals of guitarist and songwriter Simon Dettendo rfer, who added Sebastian Bramboe ck' s harsh lead vocals with this softer element. After an extensive tour together with bands like Amorphis, Belphegor, Obituary and Grave, as well as occasional concerts in Germany and Austria, Relinquished changed to the German independent label "NRT Records" in 2016, which relesed the former albums; and publishes the already written new album "Addictivities (Part 1)". Relinquished entered the studio without a drummer and started recording sessions. Guitarist and composer Simon Dettendorfer play ed the drum - parts and more blast beats were used for the first time. Shortly after completing the recording sessions, drummer Richard Marx joined the band. After finalizing the production of "Addictivities (Part 1)" in spring 2018, Relinquished premiered "Avalanche Of Impressions" in October 2018, in the form of a Lyric video that gives a taste of what t he entire album will sound like. For the band's 15th anniversary, the new album will be released via NRT - Records on march the 22nd, 2019. Relinquished wil l also play live in 2019 again.

HE END A.D. Release Video For First Single “Why Won’t You Die”!

Philadelphia’s Female Fronted Metal/Hardcore/Punk band The END A.D. are set to release their new full length album on Fastball Music this Fall! Now the band has released the first single “Why Won’t You Die”

Comments the band:
"Here is our Brand New video for our first single “Why Won’t You Die” from our Full Length album due out this Fall on Fastball Music on CD and Digital formats plus a special Cassette version of our album will be released via Infernö Records. Help us spread the word and feel free to share our video, Thanks!"

Next THE END A.D. shows:
August 9th - Century - Philadelphia, Pensylvania - w/Cliterati, Dunnning Kruger, The Brood
August 17th – HPUSA Pretty in Punk Philly
September 3rd  Bar XIII Delaware - Philadelphia Pike, Wilmington - w/ EYEHATEGOD

The END A.D. was formed in 2014 and has members from some of the filthiest bands to ever plague the city of brotherly love. Ami Friend who is one of the most exciting singers to see live joined The End A.D. on vocals back in May of 2017. The band has already pounded out two releases since Ami joined the band: Their 12inch color vinyl EP “The Smell of Despair” via Kill Time Records and their split cassette release “Sermon of Violence” with the all female Thrash band Tormentress from Singapore via Hellforced Records.

Watch “Infinite Jest” Official Video, taken from the band’s debut album “Scorched Earth” (released on August 25, 2017 via Massacre Records):

More information at

EWIGKEIT: Release Re-Recording of Starscape: Starscape 2.019


Hot on the heels of Ewigkeit's UFO themed album DISClose, the space theme is explored further by a trip back through time. Of sorts... in 1999, Ewigkeit released the 2nd album Starscape, a Symphonic Black Metal album large in it's scope and ambition, but with an almost unlistenably poor sound quality.  Now, in 2019, Ewigkeit present Starscape 2.019 - a complete re-recording of the original album.

With epic tracks like Point of Origin (Black Metal's first waltz?), Unveiling The Mystery or Legend of Keshara or the straight ahead mid-paced Swedish Death Metal inspired Lightspeed Evolution or the sublime classical of Space Symphony, this is now in the form it was originally intended way back there at the end of the 20th Century.

Lyrical themes are reflections of the dark past and a look towards the unknown future in the realms above and beyond. The man behind Ewigkeit, James Fogarty, states: "20 years ago, I wrote and recorded an album called Starscape; it was wildly ambitious for my meagre beginnings and I ramped up the orchestral elements and added a futuristic feel for the space theme.  I thought, and still think, that the music was great and original material!" However, it became hard to listen after some year. James explains further: "I just couldn’t listen to it within a few years, because my first album production was virtually of an UNLISTENABLE sound quality (even for 90s Black Metal)!"
Thus, James rerecorded and produced the album as part of his personal crusade to rescue his legacy before "I start getting too fucking old".
He proudly presents Starscape 2.019 : "20 years since my teenage self recorded it, I present to you Starscape 2.019 – a vastly improved and polished product which I’m really pleased with and now proud of."

Ewigkeit is the ever-changing project of British multi-instrumentalist James Fogarty (In The Woods, Old Forest, Jaldaboath and others). Starting off as a Black Metal project in the mid 90s, the project has veered from Symphonic Black Metal to Industrial to 70's Space Rock and back again in the many years of it's on/off existence.

All music is written, performed and produced by James Fogarty (also of In The Woods, Old Forest, Jaldaboath and Orcrypt).  Mastering is by Kjetil Ottersen(Vektor Facilities) and artwork is by Lenny Bridgeman.

01 - Point of Origin
02 - Unveiling the Mystery
03 - Legend of Keshara
04 - Return of Planet 'X'
05 - Deviant
06 - Lightspeed Evolution
07 - Starscape
08 - Capsule
09 - Birth of Horus
10 - Space Symphony

Starscape 2.019 physically is available to pre-order now and digitally from 23/07/19 from album will be released digitally across all platforms to buy and stream on 23/08/19 and on CD on 23/09/19

NEMESIS ALPHA New Single 'Soul Deceiver' - Out Today!


NEMESIS ALPHA New Single 'Soul Deceiver' - Out Today!

From the album: Eternal Machines
Released by: Sliptrick Records 29.06.19
Format: Online Single/Video
Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Get it now from: iTunes & more
Listen to Soul Deceiver on: Spotify

Soul Deceiver, from US melodic death metal group Nemesis Alpha, is the first single taken from their second album titled Eternal Machines, due to be released on September 13th, 2019 via Sliptrick Records. The song showcases some of the more technical, flashy/shred, melodic riff writing on the album and highlights the impressive vocal range of Marcos Leal.

The songs lyrics follow the overall theme/concept of the album as a whole, which tells the story of how the destructive nature of humans eventually leads to machines and technology taking over and outliving the species. This song in particular describes how our emotions can deceive us at times, and sometimes that leads people to do literally anything in pursuit of their dreams/desires, be it good or bad.

All music by Rudy Leal and Joseph Church; lyrics by Rudy Leal. Mixed and mastered by David Caplinger at Soothsayer Audio. Artwork by Kumislizer Design. Video by Jaiden Frost and Jaiden Frost Presents. Recorded and produced by Rudy Leal at Nemesis Alpha Studios.

Nemesis Alpha is a melodic death metal band featuring song writers/multi-instrumentalists’ Rudy Leal (ex-Shattered Sun) and Joseph Church, and vocalists’ Bjorn “Speed” Strid (Soilwork, The Night Flight Orchestra) and Marcos Leal (Shattered Sun, Ill Nino).

Eternal Machines | Released September 13th 2019 via Sliptrick Records

Nemesis Alpha are:
Rudy Leal – Guitar/Bass/Drums/Keys/Vocals | Joseph Church – Guitars/Keys

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick

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