Belarusian instrumental black metal trio krvvla is about to release their new (maxi) single on July 5, 2019. Pre-order launched - Keeping true to the tradition of one-letter album titles, the band named their upcoming track "T". This is krvvla’s 5th release since their formation in 2015. The track features a mixture of black and death metal that sounds more like a dialogue between the two subgenres rather than their fusion.

krvvla is a three-piece instrumental black metal band based in Minsk, Belarus. Formed in 2015, the band has already released 4 EPs and shared the stage with such bands as Hexis, Wiegedood, Celeste, and Furia. Even though they've been playing together for only 4 years, each of the band members has at least a decade of experience in playing in various local bands (Crown For the Rat King, Coat, Barrow, Sen Deni, Scenario, Challenger Deep).

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